io bottoms

 Io, pronounced "ee-oh", was named after the moon on Jupiter in 1980.

She's been a yogini since the age of 4.  Her early years were spent in Big Sur, California with her parents. Sam, an actor and Shosha a painter and yoga instructor. In 1984 her family moved to Los Angeles.  Throughout childhood, dance, dressing up, painting, making forts and yoga were her creative freedoms. Today they're part of her Living.
From 1985-1990 she was part of her mother's Summer Kids Yoga Camp. She trained in modern dance with Karen Fox and Ashtanga yoga with Noah Williams from 1990-1998.
In 1999, as she was graduating Immaculate Heart High School and entering U.C.L.A she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. During this time she learned the Restorative Yoga Series by Judith Lasatar. Donna Holleman and Paul Cabanis were also yoga mentors at this time. Barry Grundland taught her the Cell Level Meditation, which helped her during the time of treatment and till this day as a teacher.
Among the many incredible artists and teachers she studied with at U.C.L.A these are to name a few, Shiva Rea, David Gere, Simone Forti, Mikhail Baryshinkov, Victoria Marks, David Rousseve, Peter Sellars.
Io received her B.A in Arts, Dance and Theater at U.C.L.A in 2003.
She taught at Angel City Yoga from 2003-2009, the studio she grew up at since 1989. She taught at Oakwood High School from 2005-2010. In 2005, she also began her acting career in Paris on the film Marie-Antoinette where she lived and also taught yoga to Sofia Coppola.
When Angel City Yoga closed in 2009, Shosha & Io opened ShoshaYoga in Toluca Lake. Today it is an oasis for one's yoga experience fully equipt with a ropewall & props. She has also taught at Risemovement, YogaWorks & weSpark. She continues to study with Manouso Manos at the Iynegar Institute LA. In 2014, she was part of NIKE's #BETTERFORIT campaign; inspiring you to stay fit, mentally & physically.
Io's classes are a unique combination of flow, alignment, props, chairs, music and meditation.
E-RYT 500 hrs.
Currently she teaches classes @shoshayoga in Toluca Lake and privately.
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Breathe in Love. Exhale Gratitude.